General Facility

General Facility

General Facility

General Facility

1) 24 X 07 Generator Back Up in case of power Failure.

2) CC T V Surveillance of common areas without compromising on privacy.

3) Central Lobby for Relaxation and social TV viewing and meeting.

4) Separate Kitchen outside for exclusively veg Diet and Healthy Food.

5) Dining Hall.

6) Daily new dress for Patients.

7) Library& Reading Room.

8) GYM / Fitness Centre (Separate for both Gender).

9) Occupational Unit.

10) YOGA Hall.

11) Farm House – Spreading across in 3 acres land with Ground for outdoor activity like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Flying Disc Ring, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi And for other activities.

12) Indoor Games Zones – Carrom, Chess, Badminton.



Common Facilities in All Blocks:-

1. Drinking water (RO + UV)
2. Hot water supply units(Geyser)
3. 24 X 04 Supervision of residents / Patients and monitoring
4. Laundry Daily collection and dispensing units
5. Gender Separation
6. All Rooms have private TV units
7. Nurses / Brothers / Sisters Call units

Accommodation Range:-

a. Dormitory of 5 to 7 Beds
b. Four bedded Rooms
c. Triple Bedded Rooms
d. Double Bedded Rooms
e. Single Bed Rooms.



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