Psychiatric Illness Treatment

Psychiatric Illness Treatment

Our Treatment Approach Is Dedicated By Simple Principles ..

The treatment team at the Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre embraces a variety of medication treatment and behavioural approaches that are supported by strong scientific evidence and designed to improve outcomes for clients suffering from addictive disorders. We believe that individuals face several challenges in dealing with substance – related issues and accordingly we have designed a personalized treatment approach that has the best possibility of achieving the successful outcome of abstinence.

Medical Management:-

At Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre medical management is supervised by a licensed and qualified Psychiatrist to control distressing symptoms and improve the quality of life.

Medications are generally used with the following four goals:

1. Problems for acute and maintenance treatment of co-occurring psychiatric disorders.
2. For symptom – specific improvement (E.g. Withdrawal Symptoms, treatment of insomnia)
3. To achieve abstinence or reduction in use of alcohol and drugs.
4. To reduce relapse into alcohol or drug use.

Behaviour treatment approach:-

1. Cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT).
2. Motivational enhancement therapy (MET)
3. Relapse prevention therapy (RPT)
4. Group therapy
5. Twelve step facilitation (TSF)
6. Individual therapy
7. Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy(REBT)

Psychiatric Illnesses treated at Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehab Centre, Miraj


TreatmentIn this condition patient gets unknown fear, Suspiciousness towards peoples as talking about him planning something in food to kill him or her. Patients becomes aggressive / abusive / assaultive / gets hearing of voices in absence of anyone, mattering to self, smiles / weeps without reason. Sometimes patient becomes withdrawn, does not mix with others, Neglects personal care& hygiene, does not take bath In chronic stage, passes urine and stool at inappropriate places.



In this condition patient gets multiple physical complaints E.g. pain in chest / Abdomen, Headache, Low backache, pain in extremities, Heaviness of Head, Dryness of, mouth, Hyper acidity patients feels he has same major illness despite of all reports are normal, sexual symptoms, menstrual problems etc.


In this condition patients gets unwanted / un necessary repeated intrusive thoughts, Repeated checking doors, tap water, lights, locks etc. Repeated counting, Repeated hand washing, behaviour , Excessive cleanliness, Excessive use of water, taking long time for bath etc.

4. HEADACHE:-Treatment

Headache may be Local / diffused, dull or throbbing, episode or continuous, precipitated by sleep or particular food like ice – cream, chocolate etc. Relieved by sleep, Medicines, depending upon type of Headache. So Patient may need EEG/CT/MRI Brain like investigations.


In this illness patient gets lock jaw, up rolling of eyeballs, tongue bite, frothing from mouth, voids urine in clothes, may get vomiting, Headache with total or partial lass of consciousness . To diagnose Epilepsy EEG Should be done May require MRI / CT Scan to know the exact cause.

6. Anxiety


Anxiety ही एक सामान्य आणि नैसर्गिक मानवी भावना आहे जी तणाव किंवा धोक्याच्या प्रतिसादात उद्भवते. तथापि, जेव्हा ती तीव्र होते किंवा नियमितपणे उद्भवते तेव्हा ती एक समस्या बनू शकते. Anxiety Disorder हा मानसिक आरोग्याचा सर्वात सामान्य प्रकार आहे.

Anxiety Disorder चे अनेक प्रकार आहेत, ज्या मध्ये

1.Generalized Anxiety Disorder : ही एक दीर्घकालीन स्थिती आहे जी अत्यधिक चिंता आणि चिंता दर्शविली जाते.

2.Social Anxiety Disorder: या स्थितीमध्ये सामाजिक परिस्थितींबद्दल तीव्र भीती आणि चिंता निर्माण होते.

3.Phobia: अशा या स्थितीमध्ये विशिष्ट वस्तू किंवा परिस्थितींबद्दल तीव्र भीती निर्माण होते.

4.Panic Disorder: या परिस्थितीमध्ये अचानक तीव्र भीतीचे दौरे येतात.

5.Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD): या मध्ये व्यक्तीला असे विचार असतात जे नियंत्रित करणे कठीण असते .

6. Stress Related Disorder : हा आजार आघातजन्य घटनेच्या अनुभवामुळे होतो.

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नैराश्य ही मनाची एकाकीपणा आणि निराशा जाणवणारी अवस्था आहे. सर्वाधिक आढळणारा मानसिक आजार आहे. या आजारामुळे नेहमी उदास वाटते, दैनंदिन कामे करण्याची इच्छा होत नाही आणि आनंददायक गोष्टींत कमी रस वाटतो.


8. PHOBIA :-

In this condition patient feels depressed Lonely, Feels like Crying, Reduced Appetite, Feeling sad, Weight loss, occasionally wait gain, Patient gets suicidal ideations, Lack of confidence, feels worthless, hopelessness, worthlessness etc.

9. MANIA:-

In this condition patient feels be feel great, talks big things, feels happy, joyful, spending sprees, some patients becomes overactive / Aggressive, violent with Decreased need of sleep. May get grandiose ideas etc.

10. GERIATRIC ILLNESS / Old Age Problems / Dementia:-

In this condition patients gets forgetfulness, unable to recall past events, unable to recognize peoples / places, poor orientation to time / places / person. Patients makes mistakes at work, repeatedly asks for tea, food even if he was already given etc.

11. CHILD PROBLEMS:-Treatment

Fear of going to School, fear of examination in student, poor scholastic performance, unable to concentrate at studies, stammering, speech, stuttering, bed wetting, Hyper activity , Mental Retardation , thumb sucking, pica etc….

12. Sexual Disorder:-Treatment

Psychiatric Patients gets complaints like…

1. Feels generalized weakness, Gets anxiety before performance
2. Difficulty in Maintaining Erection
3. Difficulty in initiation and Maintaining Erection
4. Lack of Erection
5. Feels as having small size genitalia
6. Curvature of penis Lt / Rt side
7. H/O Masturbation
8. Feeling guilty about Masturbation
9. H/O Night fall
10. Passing That through urine
11. H/O exposure

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