Why Nirmal Hospital?

Why Nirmal Hospital?

Why Nirmal Hospital?

Why Nirmal Hospital?

How Nirmal Deaddiction Centre Differs From Other Centers ?

1) It is seen that the treatment Method of each Deaddiction Centre is different any kind of Addiction is a Mental illness and the Treatment of Mental illness is done by Psychiatrists. Therefore, it is very important to have a Psychiatrist in any deaddiction Centre.

2) Our deaddiction center is own by group of psychiatrist, physician and intensive unlike other. Who run with only visiting psychiatrist / NGO Support / Organization.

3) Our Nirmal Hospital Deaddiction Center is having capacity of 100 beds. It has both with relatives & without relatives admission facility.

4) Nirmal De- addiction Centre has been conducting Deaddiction campaign’s in almost 10 to 12 Districts in Karnataka and Maharashtra every year.

5) For the self less efforts in 2014 we got Mahatma Gandhi Deaddiction Award by honorable Minister Of State Sanjay Saavkare, Minister Of Social Justice Shivajirao Moghe and famous Actor Shri. Siddharth Jadhav. Apart From this Aadhar Maharashtra Bhushan award (2015) was presented by former minister of state for home affairs shri Ramesh Bagwe. Bahinabai Choudhari Samaj award (2015) .

Akuj charitable trust De-addiction award 2016 at the hands of Honorable collector shri Shekhar Gaikwad.

Satyavedh Foundation Sangli : Medical Service award 2017 at the hands Of Honorable Dyaneshwar Mule Secretory , Ministry of External affairs. De-addiction Sevashri award 2018 received from Lions club jath

We have the facility to admit the patient for twenty one to thirty days for de-addiction A period of twenty one to thirty days is sufficient for 90 to 95 of the patients.

A part from this, if the patient is not ready to come for admission on his own, then for the help of relatives, there is a facility to send our hospital team and vehicle anywhere in Maharashtra or Karnataka you can emergency call the number given below. In short Pick up Facility is there. In Addition we have 24 Hrs. Lock up / Security, we do not let the patient out so the patient is less likely to ran away

After being admitted to us each patient is given a different color T-shirts every day. Patient has been provided twice a day tea, Snacks. R.O water for drinking Hot water for 24 Hrs. bathing fruits & snacks are provided daily.

In Addiction, We have a Separate section for women for Deaddiction Addiction is on the rise among women these days,15 bedded separate sections have been set up at our centre for women’s Deaddiction.

6) We have special ICU and HDU for the initial treatment of the patients. during the first four days the patient may go into a state of confusion which is called as Delirium Tremens sometimes pt has to restrain in this condition. as well as Diaper and catheter may need to be Inserted so in the HDU there is 24 Hrs. BP Monitoring O2 saturation Pulse monitor facilities are available . During this condition. we take opinion of physician (MD Doctor ) for the sake of treatment.

After 10 to 12 days once the patient became physically stable, we give him questionary of about 36 to 40 questions so that we have been aware of the addiction the patient. ‘Whether the drink is worthy? Reason of consumption of alcohol? Which is the mental illness ? In order to anticipate this we ask the patient to write the answers to those questions on his own, usually on the fourteenth of fifteenth day we call the Relative for a meeting and confirm the history once again.

We then do some psychological Assessment tests like RoR, MMPI, EPQR,NSQ etc. then Together with the patient previous thoughts, the information given by him, the information given by relative we make sure a study of the information taken, psychological tests and the patients thoughts and behaviour in the hospital. The patient is examined to see if there is any other mental illness rather than addiction.

This is because 50% of addicted People have some form of mental illness and it is very important to recognize and treat the mental illness simultaneously is very important

After ten to twelve days of treatment we start Anti craving drugs so that patient don’t Feel like drinking In Addition we start aversion therapy or Antabuse therapy. i.e. some medicines we start after that, If patient consumes alcohol he will get severe reaction.

7) In short, the first line of treatment in our De-addition centre is the medication to prevent the discomfort that would occur if the patient stopped Alcohol. The second line is drugs to prevent the urge to drink. Third line is Antabuse therapy. If He consumes alcohol after medication he will set severe reaction The fourth line is medication according to mental illness The Fifth line is those who suffer from physical ailments due to alcohol such as Jaundice, pancreatitis, epilepsy, neuropathy are treated with drugs.

In short we treat patient not to drink alcohol again. But most importantly. We seek out why the patient is drinking and treat him with medication and counseling.

Apart from this, there are many other treatment in our Centre, for De-addiction i.e. yoga, meditation stress management techniques, REBT (Rational Emotive Bahaviour Therapy ) cognitive Behavior therapy (CBT).

Apart from this we conduct music therapy, color therapy, Drawing, painting, craft work, paper bag . bookey gift, Dance, Zumba which also teaches us how to find happiness by engaging our minds in other places.

In addition for indoor patients we made outdoor games available like cricket, Football, Badminton volleyball, Kho-Kho, Musical chair, rings as well as Indoor game like carrom, chess, Table tennis etc. Now days we use latest therapies for stress management like Animal therapy.

In Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction and rehabilitation centre we use all these Types of treatment and therapies so that the pleasurable enemicals like Endorphins, oxytocin’s that make the mind happy stress free Life and one can learn to live a life free of addiction

Highlights of our treatment approach..

1. Well Qualified Psychiatrists are running this center

2. Addictive patients are initially detoxified approx for 08 – 10 days then shifted to wards / Special rooms according to the requirement/ as per assessment.

3. Patients are daily evaluated by Psychiatrists which is seen rarely in other Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre.

4. Innovative therapies like Yoga therapy and music therapy, hypnosis, Naturopathy,  meditation therapy, water therapy, colour therapy, mud therapy, magnetic therapy, art therapy, animal therapy are practiced.

5. Electronic medical Records (EMR) to ensure transparency and confidentiality.

6. Residential 3 – 4 Weeks program to meet individual client needs.

7. Ultra modern recreational facilities like indoor and outdoor sports Occupational Therapy Like Table Tennis, Snoker, Badminton, Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Cricket, Kho kho, Kabaddi, Etc Are Available.

8. Our team of experienced 10 counsellors and 3 psychiatrists trained in well recognized institute

9. Exclusive female Zones with 24 hour female attendant

10. Exclusively Separate Unit / Rooms / Wards for Psychiatric & Addiction Patients.

11. 24 hours lock up and security guard system.

12. Safe And Convenient Pickup Facilities for Violet patients at door Step .

13. After the patient is admitted to us, the hospital itself gives T-shirts of different colors according to the day.

14. Food also Provided i.e. Homemade Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Fresh Seasonal fruit are also given from Nirmal Hospital.

– RO Water For Drinking

– 24 hrs. Hot Water For Bathing

15. Separate Special Ward are available for females patients.

16. We provide patients with yoga, meditation hypnotism i.e. self-hypnosis stress management techniques, REBT i.e. Rational Emotive behavior therapy and Cognitive behavior therapy is also taught.



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