Salient Features

Salient Features

Salient Features

Care & Support options available at Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehab Centre, Miraj.

1) Not Limited to Symptom Relief but Encompassing Symptom Management.

2) Psychopharmacological Management.

3) Neuropsychological Assessment and Management.

4) Integrated medical support encompassing psychiatric physical, neurological and other super Specialty care.

5) Palliative Care Services.

6) Structured & Evidence Based Group Therapy.

7) Neuro – cognitive Retraining.

8) Support for Dignified and Independent Living.

9) Integrated Psychotherapy and Psychological Intervention. Like Rational Emotional behavioral Therapy (REBT), Cognitive behaviour Therapy (CBT).

10) Planned Leisure and Pleasure activities and engagement by counsellor.

11) Care for Continued Care and psycho – Social Support.

12) Focused and Individualized Counselling

13) Focus on Self-esteem and self-confidence building.

14) Family Psycho Education and Therapy.

15) Progress and Recovery.

16) Monitoring, Relapse Pretention, Management.

17) Reel Therapy as part of Integrated Evidence Based Program.

18) Couple Therapy.

19) Marital Therapy.

20) Supportive Post Discharge Care for continued care and Psycho Social Support.

21) Personalized Care for Activities of Daily Living.

22) 24 X 07 Nursing Care and personal attendant care.

23) 24 X 07 Ambulance Services for Hospitalization and medical attention.

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