After Discharge Care

After Discharge Care

After Discharge Care


Family plays major role to support and rebuild individuals suffering from addiction and mental illness..


As an evidence based practice, we believe family involvement in the treatment of addictive disease is essential. We involve the family very early and throughout the treatment program at Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre

• Family Counselling

We encourage family members to participate in regular counselling session in order to initiate the necessary helping within the family relationships, address Co-dependency and enabling behaviors and facilitate setting of boundaries and limits. We maintain an ongoing dialogue with the family members and encourage feedback on progress of the client. This collaborative approach that values and respects family input is an integral part of our philosophy.


We believe that Continuing Care Approach is fundamental to achieving the desired goal of long term recovery for our Patients.

A) Continuing Care Approach:-

We try make sure that services and supports at Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre are provided in a coordinate fashion in collaboration with the client’s previous treatment providers. Therapy ensuring his/her home community a continuity of care both over time and across agency’s opportunities for establishing, or re-establish, a safe, dignified and meaningful life in the communities of his or her choice.

B) Recovery – Oriented Care Planning:-

Recovery oriented care is what addiction treatment and rehabilitation practitioners offer in support of the individual / family’s own recovery efforts. Evidence indicates that a life – long commitment to the recovery lifestyle as well as structured post – rehabilitation support improve long term outcomes for individuals with substance abuse. Planning and support is an integral part of the treatment process of Nirmal Hospital, Deaddiction & Rehabilitation Centre…

The primary therapist and case managers meet with our clients during their treatment to develop a personalized after – care plan that match their needs with resources, supervision and support in their home community.

We coordinate referrals and appointments with inpatient treatment programs community treatment providers and self – help groups, facilitate safe and sober living arrangements and involve the family in care – planning.

The goal is to promote the person/ family’s sobriety, resilience, and inclusion in community life. At discharge, each client receives a concise and complete after-care plan that summaries the recommendation, referrals and resources to maintain recovery.

After discharge from our program our staff arranges follow up contacts with clients through telephone, electronic mail, and social media to ensure adherence with recovery maintenance services. Our goal is to maintain a therapeutic relationship with each client even after discharge, thereby greatly enhancing his/her ability to successfully sustain their recovery.

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